Sale Or Return Option

Sale or Return Option Available On All Products You Buy For Resale
Take the worry out of buying and holding stock - Never be left holding stock you can't sell

We appreciate that when you are starting a new business one of the worries you might have is: 
"What happens if I buy stock and it doesn't sell?".... Sale or Return offers you the answer

What is Sale or Return?
Simply put, sale or return allows you to purchase products for resale with a safeguard. It allows you to purchase any product from our stock knowing that if a particular model does not sell you can return it for a credit which you can use to buy alternative products. It gives you peace of mind when buying stock.
How does it work?
When you place an order simply let us know that you would like your order on sale or return. Sale or return agreements last for 30 days from the date of purchase, at any time within the 30 days you can decide to return products for a credit against alternative models from our stock, all products returned under a sale or return agreement must be returned as supplied.
Sale or Return Example
See below for an example of sale or return in action:
  • Lets say you decide to buy 6 laptops from us for resale, 2 Dell's, 2 HP's and 2 Toshiba's
  • You ask for Sale or Return when making your purchase
  • After a time you have sold the Dell's and HP's but not had a buyer for the Toshiba's
  • You decide to return the two Toshiba laptops for a credit against alternative models
  • We inspect the returned laptops and authorise the credit
  • You choose alternatives from our stock and use the credit to pay for them
  • You can then carry on selling and more importantly, carry on earning
Please feel free to call us on 01269 850 692 if you would like to discuss how Sale or Return can bring benefits to your new business.
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